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Ashbrook English Cocker Spaniels

Please Note:  We  Do  Not  Ship  Puppies.  We are located in New England, and do not ship puppies to other parts of the United States or other countries.  We suggest you find a good breeder in your area to purchase your pup from.  

Aside from that, please take into consideration all costs of dog ownership and be sure it fits into your budget. You will need to allow for the cost of adequate fencing, quality food and veterinary expenses. Also be aware that this breed requires frequent brushing and needs to be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Dog ownership is a MAJOR responsibility, and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. We only want the best for our puppies, and want them in homes where they are considered important members of the family, not "just a dog".  A puppy depends totally on you for all his needs, and is no different than bringing home a human baby.  They need lots of love, attention and structured discipline.  Dogs in general, and English Cockers especially, are very people oriented, and look to you for leadership and companionship.   If you feel you are not up to this lifelong commitment, please consider waiting to buy a dog until your life is better suited.

"It's a cold, insecure world; people have a hard time dealing with one another. And here's this four-legged creature who gives you nothing but love and asks for very little in return."


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Age:     18-40          40-65           65 or older

Number of other adults in your household:  

Number & ages of minor children:

How many hours per day will this dog be left alone?
1-3         3-6          6-8         more than 8       

If more than 6 hours, will someone be able to "potty" the puppy at lunch, or will you hire a dog walker?           Lunch Potty         Dog Walker

Where will the dog be when no one is home - loose or crated,  confined to kitchen basement/garage yard?

Where will the dog sleep at night - on the bed loose crated confined to kitchen basement/garage yard?

What would you do with the dog if you suddenly found yourself unable to keep it? (things do happen!)

Do you have any dogs now?   Yes       No

If yes, please list their breeds and ages:

List any other pets you currently own:

What problems (health, training, behavior, etc) if any did you have with previous dogs? (be specific):

Have you ever taken a dog to obedience classes?   Yes       No

Do you plan on taking this puppy to an obedience class?   Yes     No

Have you ever owned an English Cocker before? Yes       No

If yes, from whom did you purchase them, and how long did you have them?

If no, what are your reasons for choosing one now?

Are you looking for a puppy now, or in the future (explain)?

What traits are you looking for in a dog?

Do you prefer a male or a female?   Male     Female

Would you consider either sex if your preference was not available? Yes No

What is your color preference, if any?
Black & White     Blue Roan     Orange     Black, White & Tan    
Blue Roan & Tan     No Preference

Would you consider another color if your preference was not available?
Yes   No

Would you consider an older puppy or an adult dog?
Yes     No     Possibly

If yes or possibly, what is the maximum age you would consider?
1-2 Years     2-4 Years     4-6 Years     6-8 Years

Do you rent or own your own residence?       Rent         Own

Is your yard fenced or do you have a fenced enclosure for the dog?

If not, how do you intend on controlling the puppy?

How much exercise do you plan on giving?

How long do you expect housebreaking to take?

Where will the dog PRIMARILY spend it's time?
Inside     Outside     Both

Primary reason for wanting a dog:  Pet   Show   Obedience   Breeding   Other
Pet     Show     Obedience     Breeding     Other

If other, please explain:

Do you currently have a veterinarian?     Yes       No

Please provide name and phone # of veterinarian:

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